Tradechat 2.0: How to share your screen

It is easy to share your screen or application view or web page using the screen-share icon in the bottom left of the 2.0 screen. 

Click on the icon that looks like a chart and a Screen Share box should pop up: 

Choose the room you want to share with.  If you are presenting in one of our Symposiums, make sure you present into Workshop.  This room is set aside for presentations. 

In the input box place the name of your presentation.  Then click Share. 

On chrome, a popup window should appear and you can pick to share a monitor, application or chrome tab.  It will look like this: 

On FireFox :

Once you allow your computer to share it will show as available to everyone in that room.

If you have any issues let me know or call us at 617 803 4776.