Tradechat – Controlling Charts;

Controlling Charts: 

Built into Tradechat is the ability to share charts via WebRTC.  You must have a WebRTC compliant browser in order to take advantage of this feature.  We recommend Google Chrome as the browser of choice.  This is our development platform and most debugged. 

Enabling A chart in a display area: 

There are two ways to populate a display area with a chart.  The right-area can be controlled via the chart menu at the bottom right side of the screen.  All display areas using the triple-bar menu can also invoke the chart menu. 

Clicking on one of these methods will pop up a Chart Control Panel. 


Click on a chart title to have that chart displayed in the desired area. 


Zooming and Panning a Chart

Using your mouse you can click on a chart and using your mouse wheel zoom in and out to the desired magnification level. 

To pan and move the image to the desired spot for closer inspection use mouse and click and hold the left button down. Double-clicking on the chart will restore it to its initial zoom.