2.0: How to share a microphone

It is easy to share your microphone with other users in 2.0.

1. Click on the microphone icon in the lower-left corner of the app. 

A Microphone Share panel will pop up.  The first box is a room pull-down menu to pick which room you want to share your microphone too.  Only users that have access to this room will be able to hear you.  Don’t set the advanced settings unless told to do so. 

If you are presenting in our workshop during a Symposium or Open House, make sure that room name is selected to be Workshop. 

Once you have your room correctly set click on the Share button. 

On Google Chrome you need to click Allow of the permission box: 

On FireFox it looks like this: 


Once enabled, all users that have access to room will be notified that your audio is now available. 


If you have any issues let me know or call us at 617 803 4776.